Hybroad launched the First 4K UHD and HEVC STB certified with Netflix

High M616T


Hybroad launches the new M616T following the footsteps of the current Gen2 Personal Video Recorder for one customer which designed a few years ago. One big improvement is that the M616T records up to six channels at once from three different networks or streaming pay TV. Along with streaming pay TV channels you've also got access to movie purchase/rentals and catch up TV.


UHD, certified with Netflix

The icing on the cake is built-in access to Presto, Stan, and Netflix with support for Ultra HD streaming. Access to Ultra HD Netflix alone will win the M616T a berth in some lounge rooms, assuming your broadband connection is up to the task. It even won praise from Netflix "Hybroad has done a great job in the world to support Netflix in 4K."



What's especially significant is that the M616T and H626T support the more efficient HEVC video codec, which lets you stream Ultra HD Netflix with as little as 15.3 Mbps at your disposal (rather than 25 Mbps without HEVC).

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