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FPT and Hybroad, Successful Collaboration in Vietnam

Hybroad Vision is pleased to announce that FPT is extending its collaboration with Hybroad in IPTV and OTT business.

A301 is a powerful 4K HEVC STB supporting WIFI 802.11n in both Linux and Android OS. A good performance Pure IP HEVC client device delivering users a stunningly realistic viewing experience that blends live and OTT services across broadcast and broadband networks.

About FPT

Found in 1997, FPT is the third largest telecom operator in Vietnam, providing FTTH, ADSL/VDSL, IPTV, VOIP, Remote control, Supervision and cloud service with 20 years of experience and over 6 million subscribers.

As well as an OTT operator, FPT provides Linear TV service utilizing unicast adaptive streaming, such as HLS, dealt with challenges in their core network due to high optimization of streaming of Linear TV channels.