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OTT Service Deployed in Brazil Successfully

The Hybroad’s STBs deployed in Brisanet means that market of Brazil is gradually opening the door for us. Such a successful cooperation case provided a solid foundation for entering Brazi marketl and also played an exemplary solution for operator in Brazil.


Brisanet ranked the top 10 FTTH operators, Hybroad has supplied IPTV set-top boxes  to Brisanet since 2014. Hybroad and Brisanet achieved  in-depth development of bilateral cooperation in these two years through the effort of all BDT team. Our product and service also gained good remark and acceptance from customers.


About Brisanet

Brisanet is a quite influential local operator, with substantial user base and excellent quality of the users. In addition to providing local TV content, Brisanet also provides Disney TV content, National Geographic and other IPTV channels.